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Latest Update in GST Portal:

The links related to following forms, have been disabled on GST Portal:

  1. Form GST TRAN-01 ( as last date to file the form was 27th Dec, 2017) 
  2. Table 6A of Form GSTR-1 (This was a workaround and has been disabled, since Form GSTR-1 is now open for all months. Taxpayers may now enter the details of exports in table 6A of GSTR-1, while filing Form GSTR-1 of the respective tax periods. For previous filed table 6A of Form GSTR-1, taxpayer shall be able to view/read through ARN search only. Refer mail  below.)


Module / Area

FORM/ Heading

FORM Components/Details


Returns Form GSTR 5 Creation and submission of Form GSTR 5 by Non-resident taxable person is now available on GST Portal, for giving details of ITC taken, amendments, supplies made etc by them.


Returns GSTR 1 & GSTR 4 Return filing for Opt-in and Opt-out of Composition scheme
  • Composition tax payers have to file quarterly return and Normal tax payers have to file monthly returns in GST Regime.
  • For the taxpayers who have opted in to composition scheme and taxpayers who have opted out from the composition scheme as normal tax payer, provision to file both monthly/quarterly returns (in the interim period), has been enabled on the GST Portal.


Returns Track Status of Returns Track Return Status is now available post login to taxpayers on the GST Portal, to track the status of submitted/filed return.

( Login—Services—Returns—Track Return Status)


Transition Forms Offline utility for Table 7A of Form GST TRAN 1


  • Taxpayer can add bulk records in Table 7A of Form GST TRAN 1, by using new CSV offline tool and generate data as JSON file.
  • Generated JSON can be uploaded in GST portal to save bulk records in the table.
  • In one upload 10, 000 records (approx.) can be saved on the GST Portal and this upload can be done many times.


Refund Refund workarounds


Taxpayers has been provided with the functionality to claim refund of

  • Exports of services with payment of Tax ( Alternate Flow 02)
  • ITC accumulated due to inverted tax structure [under clause (ii) of first provision to section 54(3)] ( AF 05)
  • On account of supplies made to SEZ unit/ SEZ Developer (with payment of tax) ( AF 06)
  • On account of supplies made to SEZ unit/ SEZ developer (without payment of tax) ( AF 07)
  • Recipient of deemed exports ( AF 08)
  • Pre-login tracking of refund status with ARN (


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