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The Department of Taxes is the major source of revenue of the Government of Kerala, accounting for the 3/4th of its revenues. The Department caters to 1,83,000 traders through 431 offices, including check posts across the state. The main goal of the Department is to ensure voluntary tax compliance through transparent and simplified procedures; to eliminate corrupt practices and embracing relevant technology for seamless accessibility to services and thereby ensuring trader participation in tax administration. The main activities of the Department are collection of tax, registration of dealers, recovery of arrears of tax, prevention and detection of tax offenses under a series of legislations enacted by the State and Central Governments. The critical functions of the Department such as filing of returns, payment of tax, issue of statutory forms, declaration of consignments etc., are now fully automated.

By the implementation of GST, the Government is aiming for a common national market. The tax administration is expected to become easier and compliant by this new system. The Department has introduced various measures through e-Governance to make the wall between the tax payer and the Government transparent.

By the complete computerization of the Department, following are the major objectives,

  • Improved efficiency
  • Elimination of corruption in the society by using high technology tools.
  • To make the procedures of tax administration easier and transparent.
  • Expediting tax administration procedures
  • Shift from adversarial/antagonistic approach towards the tax payers to building a partnership based on trust.
  • Simple and transparent procedures
  • Eliminating corruption by avoiding direct contact with the tax officials.



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