e-Governance was introduced with a vision to enhance the service quality in tax administration. This will help in ensuring transparency and efficiency in the process of tax administration. e-Governance is a cost-effective way as it helps in reducing the manpower included in the procedures of tax collection that were previously done manually. Also it is expected to expand the tax payer’s base and promote voluntary compliance. e-Governance has the high potential to improve performance and efficiency by expediting the procedure through automation. It will works towards minimizing corruption and accelerating the process of tax collection.

Implementation of e-Governance includes the establishment of high level of internet penetration in the state with State Data Center hosting servers. KSWAN connectivity to all districts up to block level will be ensured. For the better functioning of e-Governance, robust Hardware and Network Infrastructure for offices will be provided. Major features of e-Governance include remote check-posts, mobile vehicle squads etc. Centralized architecture and decentralized operations is another feature associated with the initiative. Implementation of GST has resulted in the abolishment of check-posts across the country. In Kerala, the existing check-posts are being converted into surveillance centers. The surveillance will be made effective by the establishment of wired connection.

Surveillance Centers and Mobile Flying Squads

By the implementation of Goods and Services Tax (GST) in India, the process of tax administration has become more transparent and easily manageable. GST is envisioned as a system that makes India a single market where goods and services can flow easily. GST enables the abolishment of most of the check-posts across India. Mobile flying squads are assigned to deter illegal activities through check-posts. In Kerala, the current check-posts will be converted into surveillance centers by placing surveillance cameras atop the buildings to cover all the entry points into the state. The registration number of the vehicles will be noted and will be matched with an existing invoice in the GST network. If any illegal activities are noted, the message will be instantly passed to the police stations and mobile squads which will be connected. The ‘mobile flying squads’ will be provided laptops with high level network connectivity.



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