STATE TAX (RATE ) Notification State GO No. PARTICULARS CENTRAL TAX (RATE) Notification
S.R.O. 160/2020 G.O.(P) No.29/2020/TAXES. Seeks to amend notification No. 360/2017- Rate dated 30.06.2017 so as to notify rate of GST on supply of lottery. 1/2020-Central Tax [Rate]
S.R.O. 288/2020 G.O.(P) No.61/2020/TAXES. Seeks to amend Notification No. S.R.O.370/2017 reducing SGST rate on Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) services in respect of aircraft from 9% to 2.5% with full ITC 2/2020-Central Tax [Rate]
S.R.O. 287/2020 G.O.(P) No.60/2020/TAXES. Seeks to amend notification No. 360/2017- Rate to prescribe change in CGST rate of goods. 3/2020-Central Tax [Rate]
S.R.O. 884/2020 G.O.(P) No.165/2020/TAXES. Extension of SGST exemption on services by way of transportation of goods by air or by sea from customs station of clearance in India to a place outside India, by one year i.e. upto 30/09/2021. 4/2020-Central Tax [Rate]
S.R.O. 883/2020 G.O.(P) No.164/2020/TAXES. To amend notification No. 371/2017 so as to exempt satellite launch services provided by ISRO, Antrix Co. Ltd and NSIL as recommended by GST Council in its 42nd meeting held on 05.10.2020. 5/2020-Central Tax [Rate]


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