STATE TAX (RATE ) Notification State GO No. PARTICULARS CENTRAL TAX (RATE) Notification
S.R.O. 256/2019 G.O. (P) No.66/2019 dated 30/03/2019 To give composition scheme for supplier of services with a tax rate of 6% having annual turn over in preceding year upto Rs 50 lakhs 2/2019- Central Tax (Rate)
S.R.O. 255/2019 G.O. (P) No.65/2019 dated 30/03/2019 Seeks to amend notification published as per S.R.O. No. 370/2017 so as to notify CGST rates of various services as recommended by Goods and Services Tax Council for real estate sector. 3/2019-Central Tax (Rate)
Order no. CT/41/2019-C1 dated 08/05/2019 Construction of apartments – filing of option to pay State Tax in annexure-IV of SRO No.255/19 dated 30/03/2019 shall be filed before the Deputy Commissioner of State Tax having jurisdiction over the place of business.


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